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About The DJ Car

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All About How It Began

This 1994 Chrysler LeBaron was given to me by my grandmother which inspired me to use this as a platform. The DJ Car idea came from the want of not needing to ask permission to express my art. It started off as a personal endeavor but has since grown to reach millions of people thru hundreds of different events.

This has expanded beyond me.

Let’s check out the timeline.









The DJ Car
Version 1.0 in 2014

The first version of The DJ Car was all about basics. Basic black on black on a basic LeBaron that I installed my DJ mixer and turntables in the back seat and drove to locations throughout Miami, FL. I would drive to a spot with an open spot, pull out my turntables and start setting up. By the time I would be finished setting up, there would be 200+ people surrounding me, wondering what is about to happen.

This video here is one of the few times the cops didn’t come before I could start DJing.

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The DJ Car
Version 2.0 - 2017

The second version of The DJ Car was a holographic wrap and crypto tips on the side of the car. I realized that the cops would arrive quicker than I could set up, so I build my setup inside of the car, ready to go. The setup would take less then 45 seconds.

The DJ Car began doing multiple college tours and after 2 years, ended up in Nashville, TN – where this video was taken; Union Station.

The DJ Car
Version 3.0 - 2020

The third and final version of The DJ Car includes an 8 channel mixer, Lamborghini doors, fog machines, a purple color changing wrap, wireless mics, compressors, EQs, an LED screen across the back trunk, 6ft speaker stands and a 30,000 watt sound system plus more.

We are currently in Miami, FL doing everything from art shows to restaurants and everything in-between.
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